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PRESS RELEASE                                                                             April 28, 2006









(Grand Rapids, Mich., April 25, 2006) – Taro Systems, Inc. today has announced it has entered into an agreement to provide Pro Gold XP to Weichert Real Estate Affiliates. The arrangement allows for the availability of a completely integrated back & front office broker management software solution, focusing on lead management, and integration to Weichert affiliate franchise reporting, for the Weichert Real Estate Affiliates.


For more than two decades, Taro Systems, Inc. has responded to the broker’s business needs by offering a complete broker management software system (i.e. Pro Gold XP) developed exclusively for the real estate industry. Pro Gold XP (www.progoldxp.com) modules cover all aspects of real estate office management, from the back office processes to processes in the front office. Taro Systems has also integrated Pro Gold XP with Weichert’s franchise reporting system, reducing data entry to maximize greater office productivity.


"What is significant about this relationship is that Weichert Real Estate Affiliates is the only national real estate franchise with the ability to enter listing data once, and only once," said Doug Lee, Founder of Taro Systems, Inc. "In other words listing data is entered in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database, automatically transferred to Pro Gold XP and sent on to the Weichert franchise reporting system...a true single entry system. No more double, triple and quadruple data entry."


Elimination of duplicate data entry saves Weichert, Realtors affiliates time and money through the streamlining of excess staffing hours and increased efficiencies. This integration is the key to efficient business operations and processes, and bottom line, continuous improvement of processes that will enhance the performance of your business to give you a competitive advantage.


In summary, Pro Gold XP back office and front office plus internet connectivity equals a streamlined and versatile broker management solution. For more information on Pro Gold XP, visit http://www.progoldxp.com/weichert right now!


U.S. Contact:
Tom Wilkins
V.P. Customer Relations
Taro Systems, Inc.
6157 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Phone: (888) 500-9315
Fax: (616) 940-2893


 About Taro Systems, Inc.:

 Founded in 1980, Taro Systems, Inc. (http://www.taronetwork.com) has been providing software solutions exclusively to the real estate industry for more than twenty (25) years. This industry longevity and experience has allowed Taro Systems to develop a broker management system specifically tailored for the real estate industry. Pro Gold XP provides the tools needed to automate and streamline your back office processes.



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