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PRESS RELEASE                                                                           February 1st, 2005

 Internet Lead Capture for Pro Gold XP

Grand Rapids, MI   02/01/2005 – The ability for companies to trap leads from multiple web based sources and automatically enter them into the Contact Manager Professional module of the Pro Gold XP office management system is now available.

“The Internet Lead Capture system is unique in that it traps leads from numerous common web based sources and automatically enters them into the lead management system of Pro Gold XP”, Mr. Paul Lee, Director of Technical Development said. 

Furthermore, the system can automatically assign a qualified agent; notify the agent of the lead via email and cell phone; notify the Broker of the lead and assignment; and transfer the lead into the account of the assigned agent.

The Internet Lead Capture system is available now to all companies using the Pro Gold XP office management system.  For information, contact Taro Systems, Inc. on (888) 500-9315.

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