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March 7, 2005
IN TODAY’S WORLD OF advanced computer technology, the trend within the industry seems to be one of gadgets and programs for every application. Generally speaking we purchase this equipment because we genuinely feel there is a need to incorporate it into our business practices in the hope that it will make every day life simpler… but does it?

Taro Systems, Inc. – a business solutions company – has been working exclusively with the residential real estate industry for more than two decades. During this time they have been evaluating the every day business operations of thousands of real estate companies throughout the United States. One common problem readily encountered is the uncontrolled flood of data duplication throughout the office – often without any uniformity!

Management, sales associates, relocation directors, receptionists, secretaries, bookkeepers, and customer service coordinators all need to input data into some system during the course of their daily operations. This data is often required in other systems used by other departments throughout the office, and so manual transfer of data between systems is common. Extra staff and extra computer hardware is readily required, often at huge additional expense to the company.

When Taro Systems, Inc. first began operating in 1981 it was because several real estate firms had approached them to develop a system that would do away with the multitude of software programs required in the office. They were contracted to produce a
new software suite that would reduce data duplication and make consistent data inputting by multiple groups of people possible.

Taro Systems, Inc. succeeded with their task and the software quickly became the benchmark of the industry.

Today Taro supports a new breed of software for the real estate industry fashioned on the same principles of data duplication reduction, ease of use, and longevity in every day business operations with dedicated support, personal training, business operating advice and regular upgrades as required.

Pro Gold XP is the next generation of Real Estate Broker Management Systems, integrating your back and front office processes – your real estate transactions, and your office accounting activities into one streamlined package.

Built on advanced XP technology, Pro Gold XP is the front-runner in software systems for the real estate industry, and remains the only “complete” package available today. The years of development that
have led to the release of Pro Gold XP have been spent working intimately with real estate professionals to reduce data duplication within their offices. Pro Gold XP is also available with web based remote access for agents.

Pro Gold XP works on a “One Entry. One Time. Once.” protocol to save your company time and money through reducing excess staffing hours and mundane inputting tasks. Everything is entered in the system once and is then automatically transferred throughout the package to where the data is required.

The Pro Gold XP system is the ONLY software package required by a real estate company. Receptionists, secretaries, customer service coordinators, bookkeepers, managers, agents, closing coordinators, and call center staff all use the same system. The data entry is simple, quick, and remains uniform throughout.

Pro Gold XP is an example of a technological success that can and will save your company time and money and is backed by a company that is exclusively committed to your industry.!



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