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Taro Systems, Inc. a business solutions provider for the residential real estate industry has spent two decades surveying the buyers and the sellers in the market place to enable the provision of better service and products to their client companies.

It has been found that the biggest complaint a seller has with a real estate company is the lack of information provided to them by the company they have employed to sell their house. The process of selling a home is often a very trying experience and the sellers future is often conditional on the results that are achieved. For example, many sellers may be in the process of purchasing a new home and that purchase is conditional upon the sale of their previous property.

It's most common for companies and their sales associates to either not provide regular feed back to their sellers, or to provide it only when it is sought by the seller themselves. Often this information is incomplete or changes little from report to report and so the seller begins to question why it is they agreed to pay a percentage of the sale to the company as a commission for the services rendered.

Agents regularly seek price reductions when property is failing to attract the interest it should in the market, yet they find themselves fighting an uphill battle trying to convince the owner of the property that the price is too high and should be adjusted. The owner fails to see the agent's point because they do not understand market conditions and they lack confidence in the agent's words because they fail to see the work the agent has under taken to sell the property.
Taro Systems, Inc. has developed a new system for communication called The service is accessible from anywhere via the Internet and is completely secure allowing the transfer of transaction information from company and agent to the seller.

Activity on the property is entered into the system by the Customer Service Coordinator and the agent themselves and is available for viewing by the seller online or through email if they so elect to have the progress report sent to their email account.

In addition to the progress reporting tools, the seller is able to quickly and easily email the agent and the real estate company directly, as well as request appointments, price evaluations, and even view current market conditions.

With this information available to them anywhere, anytime the seller is able to see that the agent is undertaking every possible measure to ensure the sale of the property, the seller no longer questions the value of the services being provided to them by the agent.

There is also a suite of tools the agent themselves are able to utilize in the system to make their own lives easier from reminders and notifications of pending expired listings to appointments and notes. In fact all the details that the agent may require for keeping in touch with the seller and for managing the sale of that property exists within the tools provided to the agent in VML.

Communication and dedicated customer service within the residential real estate industry has, for many years now, been a
thing of the past. It's been left behind and forgotten, but why? It almost seems that the industry has forgotten who their real customers are, and as a result those customers have developed a mistrust for the industry.

FSBO's are an increasingly common sight and there is a reason why the value a real estate company provides to a seller is limited so far as that seller is concerned. Communication is limited, and therefore worth is negligible. is one way that real estate firms and the agents they employ can bring back a personalized touch. It allows them to communicate the information required by the seller effectively and efficiently. It provides the agent with the tools they need to confidently seek price reductions and to conduct their every day business. It reduces expired listings. And most importantly, it provides your real customers with the feed back they are wanting, whenever they want it day or night. is a service provided by Taro Systems, Inc. for the real estate industry throughout the United States. Hundreds of agents have already embraced this solution to their problem and have reaped the rewards associated with success.



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